FCDA farm in Njinikom-Bamenda, Northwest Region of Cameroon


Sandaga market - One of the largest food market in Central Africa


Students developing their IT skills in Ekondo-Titi after school


This is a photo of Junior Abang, a small trader in Douala located at the Bonamoussadi neighborhood. He has been granted a seed fund to enable him start up this business by FCDA. He said he hopes to own atleast ten phone booths by the end of next year and to employ others given that mobile sector of ...


FCDA farm coordinator inspecting FCDA farm in Bamenda .


FCDA is forced to engage into transformation of farm produces.


Little Nas watching video leasons after school to enrich his ICT skills.


Youth farmers in Ekondo Titi


Women generating incom through agriculture


Youths engaged in agriculture

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FCDA Program Officer Agriculture on farm supervision in Nkwen, Bamenda

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FOUNDATION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (FCDA) inspiring Innovation, Creativity, exploration and Interconnectivity- For All. FCDA is a non-profit organization based in Cameroon, Africa which started operations in 2017 with the mission to assist farmers to generate a permanent gain in farm income. It provides women, men, families especially farmers, students, volunteers, Self Help Groups with a service bundle which includes Business training, Finance, Seed and Organic Fertilizer, digital financial inclusion, adult literacy, health, micro enterprising, capacity building, ICT programs, After school programs for kids, market research, project management through digital learning platforms and advanced technology with free access to thousands of Videos, audios, E-books, publications and real time information of market prices to farmers. FCDA seeks to improve the yield of farmers by half each year, urging households to save money, increase productivity, alleviation of poverty, creation of job opportunities and initiating development of startups. The organization has laser-like focus on generating better lives for the people that it serves. The world is complex with multiple information, but necessary data are not made available to the poor farmers and those who live especially in the rural areas with limited resources. A network on social enterprising will go a long way to enhance the welfare and wealth of thousands of people across Cameroon in particular and Africa in General. There are many people around the globe with multiple skills and talents but the guide to translate this to income and wealth is lacking amid insufficient resources. Seemingly, it is very important to mention that FCDA has the potential to educate the world through indiscrimination to gender, culture, race and religion.


To be the leading Community Foundation in Cameroon by 2025 delivering innovative, creative, explorative and interconnectivity services ( real time market prices, digital learning, digital financing and inclusion, micro enterprising and micro financing, Health, project development and market research to the underprivileged especially farmers (women, girls and men) in the rural areas with the aim of poverty alleviation, job creation and wealth creation. A unique world of data access for sustainable development across the country.


FCDA has the following missions

1. To educate individual farmers and Self Help Groups (SHG) providing them with the most accurate information on crop prices, market demands and supplies across the globe through mobile services and at her micro data centers, thus improving wealth creation and employment.

2. To bring out the potentials and skills from individuals and groups for equality and sustainable development through training, mentoring, and provision of seed capitals to farmers through linking them to financial institutions.

3. To create a network of partners amongst startups, farmers, donors, angel investors and Diaspora through 24-hour online services platforms available for communication.


1. Professionalism
2. Transparency, integrity and Honesty
3. Community and Sustainable development
4. Team work and unity
5. Equality and Equity
6. Commitment, Engagement and Collaboration
7. Customer care and Support
8. Innovate, Create, Explore and Interconnect
9. Standard, Compliance and Trust
10. Leadership

Our Target Per Year

  • At least 100 job creations all round Cameroon.
  • At least 300 mobile savings accounts shall be opened to ease financial transactions at all times.
  • At least 100 adults shall be able to read, write and access the internet.
  • At least 50 interns shall be trained on information Communication and Technology, agriculture, Social Media Marketing, leadership, project development, small business management and start up skills and other domains.
  • At least 100 kids shall be able to upgrade on arithmetic, language, information communication and technology and science through participation in programs.
  • At least 80 drop outs shall receive training and become self employed.
  • Seed funds shall be granted to at least 100 individuals and 25 groups.
  • Communities shall be free from drug usage, prostitution and other crimes.
  • 10 villages shall be able to access micro digital libraries with print services, thus enabling knowledge acquisition and development.
  • Mobile telephone usage shall step up with at least 100 individuals receiving smartphones.
  • Atleast 20 young girls and boys shall receive training on sewing and embroidery.
  • Creation of web sites for 5 Self Help Groups.
  • Farmers productivity shall double.
  • 300 hectares of land shall be cultivated each year.
  • Reach out 2,000 people on awareness of sanitation and hygiene and the distribution of at least 1 sanitation item to selected girls and women.
  • Creation of 400 email addresses for those in the rural areas.
  • Register 300 farmers in our network and 10 Self Help Groups.
  • Organize 2 sporting events and Award ceremonies.

Program Overview


Membership Benefits

  • Mobile telephone with possibility of installmental payment.
  • Free consultations twice per year at hospitals, clinics in which FCDA has partnership with.
  • Free access to the digital library center and free internet services 2days per week.
  • Handsome Wages and commission to value added productivity.
  • 24h/24h technical assistance and financial assistance through seed funds on projects.
  • Reduction by 5% on all commodities in the market.
  • Children will have free access to library, participate in after school programs 2 days per week.
  • Seed funds for projects and for development of their own farms and projects.
  • Ready market for supplies of products and services.
  • One FCDA T-shirt.
  • Real time information on trending market prices, seeds, fertilizers, buyers, sellers and locations
  • Volunteering opportunities.
  • Signed subscription form/ Badge/ Note book.
  • Job Placement.
  • Participation in awards and prize giving ceremonies.
  • Assistance in setting up your dream business.
  • Participation in sports programs.



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