Cassava farm


FCDA promoting self sustainable agriculture.


FCDA palm nursery at Njinikom, Northwest Region of Cameroon


FCDA engages in the transformation of agricultural produces to enhance her agric value chain.


Women generating incom through agriculture


Youths engaged in agriculture

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In line with FCDA’s mission to ensure quality and adequate food supply to household in both urban and rural areas, it has developed a network of farmers across the national territory, creating Self- Help groups (SHG) with men, women and families so as to get their products to wholesalers, retailers and end consumers at affordable prices. These farmers are being provided with service packages across education, price discovery mechanisms, basic business trainings, seeds and fertilizers, mentoring, risk sharing, home financial planning, digital financial services(telephones and mobile data) . This is greatly impacting the lives of the rural farmers, especially women, who get access to firsthand information of market prices and ready market, thus also improving productivity, reduce poverty and financial capacity. FCDA already has a database of 200 farmers with three Self Help Groups. We have as target, to have at least 300 new farmers on our network per year. FCDA is also developing her own farms (palm plantations, plantains, cassava, potatoes, snails, pepper, vegetables and fruits), livestock (piggery, goat farming and poultry) in the South West and Northwest Region. It also recruits women, girls and men to work in these farms for competitive payments, interns from schools across fields in sociology, agriculture, management and other social sciences also work with these farmers as volunteers to establish Self-Help Groups, collection of data, develop policies and link these groups to financial institutions within their local areas. They also write Projects for funding by angel investors, local and international donors. It should be noted that 80% of the rural population depends on agriculture as their main source of wealth creation and this is still traditionally conducted. The commercial aspect of this is still very underdeveloped due to inadequate information, lack of sophisticated skills and seed capital. FCDA stands as a bridge to create a good framework by linking the various stakeholders in this domain in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to reduce poverty and empowerment of the rural population. It should be noted that 60% of uncultivated arable land in the world is in Africa. FCDA sells fresh raw food and fruits to inhabitants in the urban areas through various facilities as packaging, digital payment and speedy delivery given that there is global food panicking in the cities and hiking prices as well. Looking for women, getting them to participate especially in the financial sectors through technology thereby developing their dignities, increasing their farms sizes and potentiality as contributors to economic change. FCDA moves beyond predictions to actions and ensure Africa contribution in the global economy. It should be noted that Africa has a large market and FCDA has partnered with other entities to ensure the exportation of some of these products to other Africa Markets.


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