1. How many programs do you offer?

Currently, we offer seven programs and we hope to increase this number in the nearest future. Our programs are Agriculture, Micro enterprising and Micro financing, ICT and Project Management, Career Development, Health, Physical Education and NGO Formation.

  1. How do I become a member?

It is quite simple to become a member. Fill out our membership form and forward to us. As long as you meet up with the prerequisite stated in the form, your member is granted.

  1. Can I engage in more than one program?

Definitely !! Registration and participation in more than one program is encouraged. Moreover, all these are done on one registration form.

  1. How will I benefit from your program?

You can check on the list of advantages from us immediately you become a member.

  1. Can a foreigner become a partner or a member?

Whatever your nationality, you can fully become a member or partner with Foundation for Community Development Association.

  1. Can I make donations with other resources other than cash?

We do accept donations of all kinds which will lead to the eminent growth of FCDA.

  1. What are your objectives?

We work in line with the United Nations Sustainable goals principally to alleviate poverty amongst others, creation of jobs, assist in gender empowerment through the creation of Self Help Groups, adult literacy, ensuring digital financial inclusion to women, men and especially adults by encouraging savings and access to financial institution. We also ensure the safety of kids and participation in After school Programs. Moreover, Improving health awareness in forms of campaigns and distribution of basic materials.In addition, stepping up farmers productivity by half and increase the wealth of families. Finally, we ensure that farmers get access to prices and markets for their services and Development of Communities.


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