FCDA works with various clinics and local hospitals to undertake pertinent roles in conducting research and administering questionnaires so as to provide these medical centers with the most accurate data they may need in decision making. Moreover, FCDA partners with these institutions for the distribution of health materials and equipment, creation of awareness and engage in sensitization campaigns. FCDA also delivers sanitation and hygienic services to these hospitals and these clinics as well as the tracking of health history and archiving of individual records of patients. FCDA partners with other governmental agencies and foundations for information sharing and assistance through digital technology. We also work to solve the problems of malnourished children, reduce child mortality rate, Malaria and other tropical diseases as well the HIV/AIDS. Enabling patients to have access to doctors. FCDA works with dedicated Doctors and nurses. Female health education is also one of our goals as we educate our young girls on sanitation awareness and hygiene as well as uplifting their moral personal being.