ICT And Micro-library Projects

Students developing their IT skills in Ekondo Titi after school.

Amid the inadequate flow of information due to limited tools such as telephones, Personal Computers, Laptops, White Boards and software programs, FCDA has a reservoir of thousands of educative videos, audio lectures, E-books, articles and publications across social sciences, Information and Communication Technology (Web designing, digital market and networking), Leadership and entrepreneurship, printing services, Sciences, fund raising skills, engineering mathematics and languages that can be accessed for free to both Urban and rural population through her digital training centers. These Libraries are accessed by Graduates, adults who want to acquire literacy, startup businesses, professionals and kids. This is an Incubator and trading hub whereby individuals and companies do meet to exchange ideas and learn from one another through development of innovative, creative and explorative minds, and interconnectivity with full access to both internet and telephony services. FCDA also links these candidates to job opportunities and a seed fund to start their own businesses across the globe especially in Africa. We have the drive to create impacts to millions in Cameroon and across Africa.  FCDA works with Diaspora communities and international bodies to get the most sophisticated ICT tools such as Laptops, PC, TV Screens, Telephones and other accessories for the smooth functioning of her incubators, thus a main trading hub in Cameroon. The main center is at the heart of the economic capital Douala, Centers at the rural areas are also underway for creation. This is principally solving the problem of information flow, development of startups, creation of jobs, skills generation by university graduates, adult literacy and real time information on any subject.

FCDA is also seeking to create relationships with various solar panel institutions to deliver cheap and quality energy to households especially the rural areas. We are shaping skills and move from theory to Practical activities. We think locally and act globally. FCDA also partners with reliable internet service providers for the delivery of speedy internet services to homes and companies at affordable prices. We also furnish free SMS and other digital services to farmers and other stakeholders on our platform. We focus on the new generation to adopt leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirits. We also deliver to our clients advanced business management practices.


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