Internship And Career Development

ICT and Career Development

FCDA accepts applications from students and volunteers to undertake internship and volunteer programs with FCDA on a broad range of her activities ranging from agriculture, financial inclusion, NGO formation, Social Media Marketing, Project management, accounting, sewing and embroidery, grant writing, entrepreneurship, micro financing to Web designing. FCDA also assist in project development of these interns, provides them with support in developing innovative projects, conducts assessment of needs , problem identifications, problems and project implementation.Volunteers are also assigned challenging skills so as to enable them re-engineer, get real solutions to social problems. Smart Interns and volunteers are usually retained after their projects and are motivated with stipend, accommodation and food. We have as target to recruit at least 20 interns and volunteers per year. We also accept international volunteers into our programs so to encourage a cross cultural and diversified work environment.


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