Market Research


Potatoes ready for transportation to Congo from Sandaga market.

FCDA conducts continuous research on the general prices of products and services, adequate and reliable data of sustainable businesses, makes sense out of this data and furnishes the stakeholders for decision making. Schools in need of access to technology, markets analysis of how food can be available to areas which have food shortages, international food trading statistics, disaster areas, vulnerable areas, weather information as well as successful techniques and new products and services, cutting-edge innovation sectors, availability of financial services, creating ecosystem of sustainability through reliable data. This framework is towards showcasing the potentials of Africa and to develop efficiency and effectiveness of small businesses in Cameroon and across Africa. Africa is a vital ground for the consumer market. Students from universities are also encouraged to volunteer through conducting research across agriculture and small scale businesses. Students across various fields of engineering, agriculture, social sciences and information technology are urged to join the team of experts in developing and conducting researches so as to get new insights.


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