After School Programs for Kids


Little Nas, 4, watching video leasons after school to enrich his ICT skills.

After School Program for Kids

FCDA runs a very pertinent educative program known as After School Programs for Kids. This organized program enables pupils and youths to participate in outside of traditional school hours. It encompasses a broad range of focus areas including academic support, mentoring, youth development, arts, sports and recreation. The demand for After School Program is critical in both developing and developed countries. Most of these kids range from 2-12 years. This is done with effective use of mobile technology and digital learning platforms. Programs include science, technology, algorithm, mathematics, Entrepreneurship, Communication, languages, Agriculture and others. Kids engage in coding and programming while working in groups and develop projects. The idea behind this is to prepare kids and youths for the job market, drive creative, innovative, explorative and interconnectivity spirit, and give them the chance to initiate their businesses through technology and not to rely on ‘OFFICIAL COPY WORK’ practiced in most schools while they remain safe. Workshops are organized and each kid is provided with a gadget or any IT tool to work with during programs to enable them engage with peers as parents will improve on their efficiency and effectiveness at work, therefore, more income to the family and reduction of crime waves.

FCDA has target to reach out to at least 2,000 kids within 3 years. FCDA has experts, Educators and mentors to accompany these kids and prizes shall be awarded to all round best kids on quarterly basis. Our Micro and Digital Library space which contains thousands of audios, videos, E-books and other tools will serve as our hub for such programs.


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