Project Management


FCDA's Secretary General, Arnold Abe Mbom and a honorary member, Madam Amina on a farm visit at Njinikon, Bamenda.


FCDA palm nursery at Njinikom, Northwest Region.


FCDA encourages individuals and startups to develop projects which have a great impact in transforming Africa through advanced technological system, embracing innovative ideas with other rightful approaches. There is high level of unemployment in Cameroon with inadequacy of advanced skills. There are enormous potentials across Africa as mobile technology has not been fully utilized to ensure information exchange amid the increasing population across Africa which is going to double by 2050. Projects are written with conformity with the policies governing the sectors in Cameroon. The main focus is on sustainability and projects that will create direct employment. FCDA selects best projects on a rolling basis from various business start-ups which need finances to get into the market and connect these projects to some local investors, Diaspora and international donors.


FCDA works with partner consulting firms forming a panel for the evaluation of the impact of these projects and to give a fair view to the judgments of these projects. We also have a lead screen for performance indicators of businesses across Cameroon and Africa. We also provide video, audio and e-book lesson notes to professors, teachers and assist vocational and other institutions in developing syllabus for the 21st Century digital skills. First hand work experiences so as to gain exposures to international organizations. We select at least 10 best projects per year and expose to donors for funding. FCDA also organizes After School Projects for kids, Kids develop skills through out of school challenges with groups of friends, and their projects are also monitored ad given first hand assistance across fields in engineering, languages, mathematics and ICT.