The ongoing socio economic crisis in Cameroon has left women and girls in the northwest and the south west rural communities of Cameroon vulnerable, dependent on humanitarian aid and exposed to multiple social ills. Most girls have become school dropouts without access to formal/informal education, as attacks on school continues. It has been revealed that 45% of the affected population, mostly displaced persons are facing difficulties in finding affordable housing (UNOCHA, August 2021) .


The effects of the ongoing crisis in the English speaking regions of Cameroon have caused the death of over 3000 people, either through direct fighting or death from war related conditions such as gunshots wounds, starvation, increased gender based violence and health related conditions. Majority of displaced people are predominantly women and children. Over 35,000 people have fled to neighboring Nigeria . Girls and women are exposed to illegal acts and several forms of abused and exploitation.


This project will empower IDP women and girls with seed capital to begin sustainable businesses. A training center will be built and equipped to train more women and girls on skills acquisition and micro businesses for their economic freedom. Young girls will be given another chance to education via sponsorship opportunities and provision of didactic materials. Farm space rental, seedlings and farming tools will be donated to women household heads for sustainable farming for their empowerment.

Long-Term Impact

This project will empower over 500 IDP women and girls within rural Cameroon. The level of dependency on temporal humanitarian aid within these communities will reduce. The literacy rate, school enrolment and attendance will increase. The problem of hunger and food insecurity will greatly reduce as women will be able to provide for their families. Sexual gender based violence and human rights violations will greatly reduced. Cases of rape, prostitution and STIs/AIDS transmission will be reduced.


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